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Creek Williams

HS President

From: Weatherford, Oklahoma
Hobbies: Some of my favorite things to do are hunt and fish when it’s time and during the summer you can find me either hanging out with friends or out on the lake and when winter rolls around you can find me on the mountains doing a little bit of skiing
Fun Fact: For one I’m a only child and two I announce rodeos all the time to make some money when needed!
Favorite Memory: My favorite NHSRA Memory is when I got elected in junior high and the first thing Ronnie Haslerig aka grandpa said to me was, “What’s the biggest part of an alligator and he said the mouth and then he said what’s the smallest and the answer was it’s ears and he said your like an alligator I can already see you talking a lot and listening a little.”
Favorite Quote or Book: “Tell me I’ll forget, Teach me and I’ll remember, Involve me and I’ll learn” – Benjamin Franklin


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