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Riley Riner

Riley Riner

JH Vice President

From: Georgia
Hobbies: When I’m not in the arena practicing I enjoy training horses and breaking colts. I also help with my family’s cattle operation.
Fun fact about me: Last summer I adopted a wild BLM mustang from Wyoming. I am currently training her and hope to compete on her next rodeo season.
Why did you run for office: I love the sport of rodeo and I love the opportunities NHSRA gives us. I wanted to be an advocate for the association and help make it better than it already is.
My favorite NHSRA memory: I don’t have one particular favorite memory. I love getting to compete at our state rodeos with kids that have become some of my best friends, doing what I love and the opportunity NHSRA gives me to rodeo with kids my age all over the country at the National level and the scholarship opportunities also.
Favorite quote: “Life has 2 rules. #1 never quit and #2 never forget rule #1.”

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