For the entirety of its partnership with the NHSRA, CINCH has kept the betterment of the association at the forefront of its endeavors and is continuously working to ensure that our contributions are being utilized to their utmost potential. As a result, in conjunction with the NHSRA, CINCH as made the decision to discontinue the CINCH Team in favor of reallocating the assets currently used for the program towards others that will have a greater impact upon a larger number of students. We are extremely proud of the athletes that have represented our brand as a member of the CINCH Team in past years and are grateful for the opportunity we have had to be a part of their High School Rodeo experience. There have been several attempts to reinvigorate the program over the past several years, but ultimately, it has become apparent that those efforts have not had the sought after impact. It is CINCH’s desire to ensure that the newly available resources will be used for the growth of the association through several avenues that will ultimately add value to the High School Rodeo experience of all student athletes. Consequently, we know that several state associations have conveyed their enjoyment – and the effectiveness – of the outreach programs that began as a stipulation of the last restructure of the team. This is still an effort that CINCH would love to support if those states wish to continue. Any state wanting to continue their outreach programs is still welcome to contact NHSRA with the details of their efforts and we would be happy to provide assistance with them as has been done in the past.