October 1, 2020

Congratulations and Welcome to Team Cinch! Your accomplishments in the arena, on the shooting range, or both have been recognized and we are proud to announce that you have been selected to our team of notable contestants. Being a member of Team Cinch is an accomplishment that sets you apart and puts you in a very elite group of athletes.

Cinch has very distinguished endorsees such as Tuff Hedeman, Joe Beaver, Caleb Smidt, Luke Branquinho, Jade Corkill, Wade Sundell,  Zeke Thurston and Jake Vold. These individuals carry forward the “Lead, Don’t Follow” attitude and are expected to represent our brand in a respectable, professional manor. The Cinch Team members are recognized throughout the industry as leaders because of how they carry themselves inside and out of the arena. As professional Bareback Rider and Cinch Team athlete JR Vezain stated in his NHSFR address – “Whatever you want to be good at, it all begins with a thought. Always strive to be your best. When you run into troubles, trials, or struggles, find the little things to be thankful for. Who and what you put in your life and surround yourself with, will you help you get through it and most of all, you have to believe.”

As a member of the 2020-2021 team, you will be receiving one pair of jeans as well as an embroidered Cinch shirt distinguishing your Team Cinch status. We are proud to host the Cinch Rodeo Team for your accomplishment in the arena and the Cinch Shooting Sports Team for your excellence on the shooting range. We look forward to your 2020-2021 season accomplishments as an ambassador for our brand and stand out of the National High School Rodeo Association.

Congratulations on your success! We hope you feel the same pride that we do to have such promising group of athletes representing this prestigious team. From the National High School Rodeo Association, the Junior High Division, and Cinch, we welcome you to Team Cinch.

Sincerely, Jessica Wahlert
Marketing Manager
Miller International, Inc.

2021-2022 Team Cinch Nominations